Facts at a glance

Specializing in manufacturing RTD shelf-stable, low-acid protein shakes, milk-based beverages and sauces utilizing post-closure retort technology

State-of-the-art facility in Haverstraw, NY, isstrategically located near 2/3 of the US population and in close proximity to all major shipping channels

Premium private label and branded shelf-stable retort products are supplied to clients in a variety of related industries

Leading the pack in co-packing solutions

Blue Beverage Group is a private label supplier and co-pack manufacturer of post-closure retort processing products. The company has garnered critical acclaim by specializing in dairy-based beverages, low-acid sauces, bottling and retort applications, and product evaluation. Boasting a reputation as one of the few full-service plants in North America utilizing modern retort technology, Blue Beverage Group can easily accommodate needs of clients seeking shelf-stable products and multiple bottling options.

Featuring a modern 280,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility capable of filling up to 400 glass, aluminum or plastic containers per minute, Blue Beverage Group has the capacity to handle manufacturing, storage and distribution from its centrally-located headquarters situated in the lower Mid-Hudson Valley. The team at Blue Beverage Group combines decades of outstanding technical expertise, product development capability and marketing experience to provide high-quality co-packaged beverages and sauces to many of the industry’s most popular retailers, premium brands and national distributors.

As an evolving producer of premium private label and branded shelf-stable beverage products, Blue Beverage Group has taken its expertise in creating winning RTD, shelf-stable, low-acid and milk-based beverages to a higher level. Big on technology, big on flavor. It's the Blue Beverage Group way.

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