Blue Beverage Group can now co-pack your milk based beverage in the highly popular and trendy SLEEK™ CAN FAMILY from Rexam.

A taller and sleeker image compared to traditional 12 oz. cans give the 12 oz. SLEEK Can and 10.5 oz. SLEEK Can a truly unique shelf appeal that will help grab customer attention.

The REXAM SLEEK™ Can family is perfect for coffee and milk based beverage. The REXAM SLEEK Cans create an opportunity for price point movement and are also an excellent way to make a big impact with your next new product launch.

The benefits are many. For example, the 9 oz SLEEK Can has the same height as a standard 12 oz. can to further minimize the operational effects on your organization. This height delivers portion control and makes it the perfect size for vending machines.

Consumers will quickly find that SLEEK™ cans from Rexam are easy to hold and create a comfortable feel as they drink your beverage product. Both can sizes provide increased pack density that affords superior distribution economics, and a greater number of cans in secondary packaging and on retail shelves.

Sleek Cans is a Trademark of Rexam.