Facts at a glance

Hailed as one of the few plants in North America utilizing post-closure, retort processing technology

Proprietary high-speed filling machinery capable of filling up to 400 bottles per minute efficiently and accurately

Flexible packaging solutions include steel and aluminum cans, glass, plastic and resealable bottles

The public knows it: private label solutions

Blue Beverage Group knows that its role consist of more than just shepherding a product along from concept to completion. At Blue Beverage Group, the primary objective is always to serve as a loyal partner of each private label client. The hand-in-hand collaboration between the Blue Beverage Group team and the client begins during the most crucial time of all: the developmental stage.

Raw materials. Product formulation. Packaging details. Manufacturing processes. Product distribution. These important elements are thoroughly discussed with the executive staff and carefully analyzed by the R&D team to ensure the outcome is both economical and viable. But that is only where the process begins.

Very often, private label clients require a co-packing company that can manage multiple labels - an attribute that Blue Beverage Group is equipped to handle, thanks to its powerful project management capabilities. The client roster runs from boutique startups to nationalbrand private label companies - and everything in between. Blue Beverage Group can undertake runs of any size or capacity... and deal with the many complex regulatory compliance issues that often arise. Hey, it's part of the job label.

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