Facts at a glance

Featuring a team of accomplished food scientists, R&D technicians and expert plant engineers with over seventy five years combined experience

Specializing in replicating national brand-equivalent formulas and creating proprietary formulas for private label clients

A full production replica, state-of-the-art pilot lab allows for testing and perfecting of formulations prior to production

A raw look at the blue beverage group difference

The premium QA/QC standards upheld by Blue Beverage Group aren't merely what sets the company apart - it's what brings things all together.

From thoroughly inspecting incoming raw materials to a meticulous pre-blending process to random batch testing to a release process which guarantees product uniformity at all times, the rigorous QC standards and procedures implemented at Blue Beverage Group are designed to go above and beyond the minimum mandated FDA and USDA requirements. The plant is FDA approved, has received SQF2000 Level 3 certification and is HACCP certified.

Supplementary QA/QC processes such as the implementation of an automatic tracking system, fill weight monitoring, online dud detection, x-ray inspection and accurate record keeping are all in place to validate organic compliance and assure effective and timely traceability. Clients deserve service of the highest quality. Consumers deserve products of the highest quality. And Blue Beverage Group proudly pledges to provide them both.

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