Facts at a glance

Hand-in-hand collaboration between the Blue Beverage Group team and clients leads to successful creation, production & distribution of post-retort products

Co-packing solutions include the management of multiple labels and small minimum runs to meet client requirements

Customer floor stock programs, computerized inventory control and delivery coordination provide a streamlined customer service experience

The formula for success begins here

A good product starts with a great formulation. The accomplished food scientists, skilled R&D technicians and expert plant engineers at Blue Beverage Group have an unparalleled industry proficiency in the field of developing and creating winning shelf-stable beverages that are kosher certified, naturally tasty and consumer-oriented.

Having extensive knowledge through their diverse leadership roles with leading manufacturers - and well over fifty years of combined industry experience in the development of dairy-based and low acid products - the team at Blue Beverage Group specializes in the formulation of prototype formulas that are developed inside a secure, on-site pilot laboratory to comply with quality, safety and regulatory standards.

Blue Beverage Group's R&D team can easily replicate national brand equivalent formulas and create proprietary formulas that stand apart. Miniature retort machinery inside the pilot lab helps to test and perfect the formulation prior to launching a full run, saving the client both time and money. From research to production to distribution, Blue Beverage Group aims to meet the demands of the modern consumer... and the demanding requirements of every client.

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