Facts at a glance

Specializing in manufacturing RTD shelf-stable, low-acid protein shakes, milk-based beverages and sauces utilizing post-closure retort technology

State-of-the-art facility in Haverstraw, NY, isstrategically located near 2/3 of the US population and in close proximity to all major shipping channels

Premium private label and branded shelf-stable retort products are supplied to clients in a variety of related industries

Post-closure retort technology: opening opportunities

Science meets flavor at Blue Beverage Group's state-of-the-art processing facility. As one of the few bottling plants in North America utilizing post-closure retort technology, Blue Beverage Group can output a shelf-stable RTD product scope including items like nutritional beverages, protein-based beverages, coffee, sauces, energy drinks and chocolate drinks.

The crowning glory of Blue Beverage Group is undoubtedly its advanced retort technology. These double-vessel, thermal retort processing machines ensure a swift and trouble-free product stabilization process. But that's not all. Blue Beverage Group features high-speed bottling machinery that fills 400 bottles per minute and maintains a fully-automated postclosure process to ensure each item meets client specifications. Independent audits are performed by The SQF Institute and Silliker Global, along with regulated OSHA and FDA inspections and tests, to guarantee plant cleanliness and safety.

The flexible manufacturing capabilities offered by Blue Beverage Group allows clients to run batches of all sizes and utilize a variety packaging materials including steel and aluminum cans, glass, plastic and resealable bottles. Fully equipped to meet the needs of every client; it's the equipment which makes it all possible.

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